Aimi MacDonald – The Daily Mail

Aimi MacDonald – The Daily Mail

Aimi, the Python Boys and a Miriam Margolyes memoir;

I didn’t do the Pythons(my time with them was in AT LAST THE 1948 SHOW)-my first venture into television( John and Marty found me being a soubrette at The Embassy Club in Bond st)

    I must say I found their humour a little weird, but thenI never went to university.However I also found them very respectful and great fun to work with.Once they wrote naughty things on my cue board to try and make me giggle -remember this was live television!.

  Years later I bumped into dear Miriam in the street, and she stopped me to tell me I ought to be playing her part in Wicked as she didn’t feel right and was having a difficult time,so clearly she didn’t think of me as an” Occasional Dolly Bird”I’m glad to say.