Environmental Policy

Our efforts to reduce carbon emissions and to 'work smarter, not harder'

Paul Byram Associates is an ethically run agency.

Paul Byram has long since championed the ‘paperless office’ and has encouraged video or audio conferences over travelling (especially internationally) to meetings.

We of course know that every single web page that is created (including this one) and every single email sent has a carbon footprint and therefore a deleterious effect on the environment , however, we ultimately believe paperless is kinder to the environment and also quicker and more cost effective for all.

Paul recently calculated that a small project he did in 2002 has saved 29,000 trees so far and also resulted in a cost saving to the client of £731,000, he’s most proud of the number of trees he has saved!

At PBA we have led and continue to lead the way in creating alternatives to practices that have a significant negative effect on our environment and are unnecessary, not everyone agrees with us, however, almost 20-years later companies are coming around to a better way of thinking and working.

If you are an agent or Casting Director wondering how you can improve processes, save time and save a few trees along the way please get in touch with Paul.



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