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Paul Byram Associates was formally established in 2009 in the UK and represents actors in television, film, theatre, presenting and photo modelling.

In recent years Paul has also attracted Social Media Influencers to our stable of clients and he  works very closely with leading brands to increase their Social media reach.

Since 2009, Paul Byram Associates has become a highly respected leading agency with a strong reputation for discovering and developing the talents of new actors for the UK and US markets. ‘Re-inventing’ more established actors is also something that Paul is passionate about and is an area that we continue to develop.

Paul Byram Associates (PBA) is a proud member of the Personal Managers Association (Byram Hancock Associates). PBA is an ethical company with strong social and moral values. At PBA we believe (and have always believed) that talent is the single most important asset regardless of ethnicity, age, gender, identity, sexuality and disability.

For more information or to enquire about any of our clients please call us on 020 3137 3385 or the most appropriate number for your location.

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Our London office hours are 10:00 through to 18:00. At all other times calls are routed to our cellphones or other international numbers.

We can be contacted on any of the numbers below:

London: 020 3137 3385

Manchester: 0161 850 8805

Los Angeles: 1 310 531 8673

Sydney: 02 8064 7352

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