Shaina West is a real life superhero, with a backstory to rival any Avenger and an alter-ego determined to change the stereotype of black women on screen.

After being involved in a motorcycle accident aged just 20, inspired by her passion for Japanese culture and love of Anime, Shaina got out of her plaster-casts and back into the gym.  Determined to be strong and fight for what she believed in, through sheer dedication and hard work Shaina taught herself martial arts to be in spirit just like the anime characters that had made her feel heroic, shortly after The Samurider was born.

Shaina is a personal trainer, stunt person and actor who’s resume continues to grow with credits including Marvel’s Black Widow, The Woman King and most recently Jade in which Shaina plays the lead role..  She has worked for Disney, promoted the Star Wars franchise and is frequently asked to carry out personal appearances at Comic and Anime expos worldwide.

In 2021 Shaina was personally invited by The Weeknd

For more information or to enquire about Shaina’s availability please use the contact form below or call Paul Byram on 020 3137 3385